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Almost… Wireless companies have a continued hunger for cellular sites. If you are lucky enough to have a location where they can install the hardware and antenna, you are in for a surprise. Leases with companies such as Verizon will often pay between $1,800 and $2,000 for a site. Once the lease is signed, there are 3rd party buyers willing to pay a multiple of monthly revenue that can generate a purchase price in the neighborhood of a quarter million dollars ($250,000).

Typical locations would be on a flat roof, a commercial building, church, vacant commercial property and many more. Unfortunately for you homeowners, cell sites normally are not located in residential neighborhoods, but that is where churches have an advantage. They are usually in or close to residential areas and have some type of high steeple. Be careful of the lease, they are worse than long commercial leases. They are very one-sided and you should get help negotiating the terms.