30 Years Of Business Law Experience

Extensive Experience In Business Law Matters

At the Law Firm of Stephen A. Colley, APC, we represent individuals and corporate clients in a wide array of business law concerns. Our legal team has comprehensive knowledge of complex business issues since that can cover a  broad range of legal issues and disciplines.

A significant amount of business law revolves around contracts. If you carefully review and understand a contract before you sign, you minimize the risk of future legal disputes that could otherwise cost you and your business. At our Law Firm, located in Carmel Valley, we will work with you closely, ensuring that you enter commercial deals with your eyes open and that every aspect of your business is protected. We run a small firm — our founding member, Stephen Colley, prefers to stay involved directly with the concerns of all of our clients and the comprehensive legal service you need is never compromised.

    • Franchising a business
    • Selling or buying a franchised business
    • Purchasing or selling a business whether it is a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), partnership or sole proprietorship
    • Selling or purchasing a professional practice and addressing its special issues
    • Formation of business entities such as corporations and LLCs
    • Drafting shareholder agreements after helping the owners reach acceptable terms on operations, buy-out events and so forth
    • Drafting and negotiating various business contracts as well as handling breach of contract claims
    • Preparation and review of real and personal property Leases
    • Real estate purchases and all the related issues such as trust deeds, liens and easements
    • Reviewing specific money needs or financial issues such as refinancing, expansion or equipment acquisition
    • Other business law-related matters

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