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For Prospective Franchisees

Are you thinking of buying a franchise? You are not alone. Research by the International Franchise Association reveals that there are approximately 770,000 franchise establishments in the U.S.

Avoid Risk: Get Advice Before Making A Commitment

In searching for a franchise to buy, it is easy to lose your objectivity when you start to feel this is the one. Since it is normal to shut out negatives at this point, you must resist that urge and continue with your due diligence. Remember that a franchise purchase (as well as the location and lease) is a long-term commitment with a major financial impact.

After reviewing the franchise disclosure document (FDD) with you, our attorneys can assess the franchise you are being offered and weigh the benefits against those obligations that could cause you future problems.

We will turn around the legal work quickly, enabling you to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

Providing Clarity On Your Franchise Purchase

Common concerns of new franchisees include:

    • Is the franchise disclosure document acceptable?
    • What training will I receive?
    • Can you help with commercial leases?
    • What happens if the franchiser expands its business and intrudes on my territory (encroachment)?
    • How often will I have to replace equipment or remodel?
    • How do I know what I will make?
    • How do I deal with trademarks and licensing issues?
    • How can I grow the franchise?
    • What are the advantages of multi-unit franchises?

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