San Diego County Business Law Attorney

A significant amount of business law revolves around contracts. If you carefully review and understand a contract before you sign, you minimize the risk of future legal disputes that could otherwise cost you and your business. At my law firm, located in Carmel Valley, I will work with you closely, ensuring that you enter commercial deals with your eyes open and that every aspect of your business is protected. I run a small firm — I prefer to stay involved directly with the concerns of all clients — but the comprehensive legal service you need is never compromised. In a 30-year career in San Diego County, I have built up a relationship with many lawyers who specialize in various disciplines for those situations where your legal needs require services I do not provide. These are attorneys I know and trust: If I can’t help you with your problem, I’ll find you a highly regarded professional who can.

How Can I Help Your Business Or Franchise?

Much of my work involves the review and drafting of the documents that are key to your business, including leases, contracts, shareholder, partnership and franchise agreements. My experience allows me to focus on those important points in the agreement.

Cutting Through The Legal Jargon To Get The Best Deal

I’ll interpret the language in the agreement so it is easy to understand and you will feel comfortable accepting or changing it. My work covers:

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I understand the pressures and the economics of running your own business in California — I am in business myself. To find out more about how I can help, call 858-434-1867 or contact me online.